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Make file transfers with faster speed and error detection
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TeraCopy has the main purpose of accelerating file transfers. The program can substitute Windows built-in file copier and, luckily, it integrates perfectly with your system. This means that it can respond to file drag-and-drop operations, right click and the use of standard hotkey combinations (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V). It has an easy-to-use interface, which is quite similar to those of other file copiers. Besides, its new version has an even neater and more minimalistic visual design.

What most users look for in this kind of tool is to reduce copy time. Good news is TeraCopy achieves this goal by dynamically adjusting buffers to decrease seek times. The tool seems to be certainly faster than the system’s built-in copier; yet, there is at least a similar product that uses significantly less time according to online benchmarking results.

Another vital feature is the possibility of pausing and resuming transfers, mostly when you are transferring batches of data and wish to free up resources from less urgent tasks, an option that TeraCopy has supported since long before Windows introduced it. Users also appreciate the possibility of recovering from copy errors, which would otherwise lead to confusion as to which files have already been transferred. When an error is detected, TeraCopy retries several times and, if copying the file really turns out to be impossible, the tool skips that specific file without affecting the rest of the transfer. Besides, it gives you access to the list of unsuccessful transfers so that you become aware of the difficulties and try to fix the problem. Finally, you can tell the program what you want it to do after the transfers are completed, such as closing the session, turning off the machine or executing a script.

TeraCopy also makes sure there is no data loss or corruption during transfers by comparing hashes of both the source and the target files. Besides, when moving data, it allows securely wiping the old files to prevent information theft.

It is a blessing that TeraCopy can be used for non-commercial purposes at no cost. However, there are some additional features to which you can access if you buy the commercial version. These include copying and moving to your favorite folders, saving reports, selecting files by their extension and removing specific files from the copy list.

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  • Integrates with the system
  • Fast transfers
  • Error handling and detection
  • Script execution
  • Filtering by file extension
  • Pause-and-resume capabilities


  • Not the fastest file copier in the market
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