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A fast file copy handler with inbuilt queue management
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Recent versions of Windows come with a more powerful file copy handler; however, there are still some things that it cannot do. For this reason, many users prefer third-party file copiers, such as Tera Copy, the product being reviewed here. Fortunately, this tool is integrated with the shell, which means that it can handle your copies instead of the standard tool. So, the first time you copy or move any file or folder to another location, you are asked if you want to use Tera Copy to perform the job. At this point, you can also set the program as your default file copy handler should you wish so.

Some of the advantages of using TeraCopy is that it can check the accuracy of the copying process. Besides, it can handle various types of conflicts, as when there is another file with the same name on the target location or when the source becomes unreachable. Another benefit is the possibility of managing a copy queue instead of dealing with various separate windows. Although it is said to achieve higher transfer speeds than the operating system’s native tool, this is not true. In fact, TeraCopy seems less efficient when transferring a large number of small files. Finally, it can make data transfers over a network, FTP sites are not supported, though.

All in all, TeraCopy may be not as necessary as it was some years ago. Yet, it is still a good alternative if you do not like the standard copy handler. Fortunately, if you use it only at home, you do not need to pay for a license. The paid version also lets you save reports in HTML and CSV file formats and remove specific files from the copy queue.

Pedro Castro
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  • Accurate copying
  • Copy queue
  • Conflict handling
  • Support for network folders
  • Shell integration


  • Less efficient than Windows copier when working with a large number of smaller files
  • FTP not supported
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