TeraCopy 2.0 beta

TeraCopy Pro 2 is a program configured to copy and move files at maximum speed.
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TeraCopy Pro 2 is a very useful program configured to copy and move multiple files at maximum speed. TeraCopy Pro can resume interrupted file transfers. The program jumps bad files during copy and shows the skipped files at the end of the transfer. It calculates files CRC checksum on the fly to accelerate source files and target files comparisons. The program integrates seamlessly with Windows Explorer, which allows you to continue working with files the usual way. You will be able to copy or move files with the Drag or 'Copy and Paste' commands by clicking your left mouse button. TeraCopy Pro has a small window with single file progress bar and total progress bar.

In Windows, a file “in use” or “locked” interrupts copying or moving the file from one place to a different place on disk drives. Windows’s copy/move functionality is rather slow and it can’t address more than one task at a time. These problems can be worked-around with the help of TeraCopy. Once you install it, you are able to set TeraCopy Pro as the default copy/move manager ('on' by default) and it comes out every time you copy or move a file. TeraCopy Pro offers a supercharge in transfer speed through the use of buffers and admits multiple transfer tasks. If TeraCopy Pro encounters a problem, the whole job isn’t stopped: TeraCopy Pro simply goes on to the adjacent file in the queue.

Copies files faster. It employs dynamically adjusted buffers to cut down search times. Asynchronous copy accelerates file transfer between 2 physical hard drives. Pauses and resumes file transfers. You can interrupt copy process at any moment to free up system resources and carry on with a single click. Recovers Errors. If there is a copy error, TeraCopy Pro will retry several times and in the worse instance it will skip the file, not finishing the total transfer. Interactive file list. TeraCopy Pro displays file transfers that have failed and lets you fix the problem and recopy files with problems.
Shell integration. TeraCopy Pro can entirely substitute Windows Explorer copy and move functions, permitting you to work with files the usual way.
Supports Unicode.

This Pro version of TeraCopy lets you:
Select files with the same extension/same folder
Remove selected files from the copy queue
Get free updates and priority support

Some of the fixes and changes done to this version are:
Fixed: Access violation error when calculating CRC.
Fixed: Hanging on same drive copy on single core CPU systems.
Changed: Sound is off by default.
Added: Progress bar color settings.

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  • You get free updates and priority support


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