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TeraCopy is an application that aids the movement of files within Windows
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TeraCopy is an application that aids the movement of files within Windows. Every Windows user has probably realized what a nightmare it is to move several files from any given location to another location and how slow the whole process is. There have been fixes released to fix that problem, but it is still there. TeraCopy makes the copying and moving of files a more enjoyable experience, if you will. It somehow manages to speed up the movement of files considerably and it also adds several functions that are not present by default on Windows. When you are copying files with TeraCopy you will notice that you are given more information than before. You get a list of files that are being moved or copied and each file has its own size and status. This is important since if a file fails copying, you don't have to copy them all again, you can just retry with the failed file. Also, you will notice that there are two CRC fields. Those allow you to compare the CRC markers of the files on their original folders and when moved or copied. If the CRC changes, then you might have corruption problems, and the end file will be not playable. TeraCopy also shows 2 progress bars, one for each particular file and an overall one. When the files are done copying or moving, you can have TeraCopy shutdown the system.

José Fernández
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  • Fast.
  • More information about copying/moving operations.
  • Shell integration.
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